11 Free Download Facebook extensions for the chrome browser

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Free Download Facebook extensions for the chrome browser

11 Free Download Facebook extensions for the chrome browser

Extensions for Chrome have all kinds of applications that enhance the web browsing experience in Google Chrome. Customizing the social networking giant Facebook is a place where extensions are convenient. Regardless if you simply want to modify the look of your Facebook page or you wish to save time spent on social networking, there’s an extension for you.

Invite All Friends Facebook 2019

The Invite All Friends Facebook 2017 extension lets you pick your entire Friends listing with one press of the mouse. With it, you can invite all of your mates to join an event or invite them to Like your page. Save time as you reach out to your Facebook buddies.

Classic for Facebook

If you hate change, then you’ll love this extension. A classic for Facebook yields your news feed to a chronological collection of posts. It also hides the gloomy corner tabs that appear with each story and the News Ticker.

Dark Facebook Theme

Dark Facebook is a Chrome extension that uses dark themes and skins on Facebook thus reducing the eye strain and exhaustion brought on by a bright screen. This is not only a case of inverted colors. The themes were made by professional designers to be simple to read during the evening.

Facebook Photo Zoom

The Facebook Photo Zoom extension magnifies Facebook pictures whenever the mouse cursor hovers above them. This can be an easy-to-use extension that doesn’t require registration or other configurations. It does just one job–zoom in on photos–and it does it well.

Pony hoof

Ponify your Facebook page by selecting from over 80 ponies and characters from”My Little Ponies: Friendship Is Magic.” You’ll barely comprehend your Facebook page when Pony hoof gets through converting it to a magic pony-filled wonderland.

Toolkit for Facebook

This extension is a collection of automation tools designed to save time on Facebook. Wish to, unlike all Facebook Pages at once? There’s a tool for that. Other tools include Reject All Friend Requests At Once, Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once, Cancel All Pending Friend Requests, Accept all Friend Requests At Once and many more tools.

Beautify Facebook

Beautify Facebook changes the blue color scheme of Facebook to a delightful pink color when accessing the website in Google Chrome.

Facebook Chat Only

If Facebook Chat is your thing, this extension is right for you. It hides everything except the Chat screen–such as the Timeline. Utilize this extension’s button to toggle any Facebook page on or off the Chat-only mode. You may keep up with your mates through Chat without being distracted with the other Facebook attributes that want some of your time.

Share to Facebook

This extension places a Share on the Facebook button on each web page displayed in Google Chrome. Click the button to share the web page to Facebook, Groups, Messenger, your own Timeline or a buddy’s Timeline.

F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity

Envision Facebook without all the junk. Now set up the F.B. Purity extension in Chrome to filter the junk you don’t want to see and customize the layout. With F.B. Purity, you are able to hide all of the advertisements, spam game posts, sponsored posts, and each of the other annoying stuff.

The extension displays a bar on top of each Facebook page to tell how many game/application posts it had and how numerous other pole types (which you customize in Options) are hidden. The listing of items you are able to conceal is impressive. Don’t have to be notified every time someone changes a profile pic? No problem. Don’t care who’s attending an event? F.B. Purity is the extension for you.

Beautiful Facebook Style

Beautiful Facebook Style places a drop-down menu on your Facebook page with thumbnails of various styles you may see Facebook in. Among the available styles are: Normal, Full, Minimalist, Purple Pink and others. Personalize your social networking encounter with these easily applied styles.

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